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# of Parks# of TreesDifficultyRewardAttemptsCompletedRecord HolderTime to BeatActions
51Easy100 Points3724[KIMallard7s
61Easy250 Points2420[LOCandice10s
61Easy250 Points2221[LODogbert6s
71Easy1,000 Points2220[KIMallard10s
81Easy1,500 Points2019[KIMallard11s
92Medium2,500 Points2116[LOCandice38s
92Medium2,500 Points1715[FUMads20s
102Medium3,500 Points1715[FUMads27s
112Medium4,500 Points1615[FUMads33s
112Medium4,500 Points1615[LODogbert35s
122Medium6,000 Points1715[FUMads35s
133Hard7,500 Points158[LODogbert5m 22s
143Hard10,000 Points158[LODogbert3m 42s