6 Jan 2024, 6:17:49 pm
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🌟 Introducing ITEM SMELTING! 🌟

Transform your arsenal into something even more formidable with our brand new Smelting Feature!

🔹 How it Works:

Upgrade Your Gear: Convert your existing items into higher-tier, albeit less rare, items of the same class.
Example: Got an Excellent Silver Sword? Smelt it to receive 20 Normal Gold Axes!

🔹 Smelting Rates:

Good -> 1 Normal
Better -> 5 Normal
Excellent -> 20 Normal
Epic -> 60 Normal
Legendary -> 120 Normal

(🚫 Normal items are non-smeltable.)

🔹 Item Progression:

Upgrade through an exciting range: Copper -> Tin -> Bronze -> Silver -> Gold -> Jadeite -> Cobaltite -> Eternal -> Opal -> Onyx -> Apatite -> Ruby -> Sapphire -> Emerald -> Amethyst
(Note: Amethyst items are the pinnacle and cannot be smelted.)

🔹 Efficiency Tools:

"Smelt All" / "Merge All" Buttons: Opt for convenience or economy - these tools are time-savers, but they come at a credit cost.

🚀 Ready to revolutionize your gear? Remember, strategic smelting can be the key to your criminal empire's success!

🌟 Lastly, there are also smelting achievements to go with the merging achievements from this past week. You will receive 1 smelting point for every normal item you get! So Smelt a legendary item and get 120 smelting points towards your achievement.

👀 Stay Sharp, Stay Powerful!



7 Jan 2024, 2:51:58 pm
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this is a game changer and pretty well thought out once you understand how it works

best update to the game in a long time 🍻

it would be nice if the little popup event you get in the green text box lingered a bit longer than a fraction of a second or maybe some sort of logs you could go back and check from the initial inventory cleanup to see what exactly went where

but other than that, no real complaints