1 Jun 2024, 12:00:08 am
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Hello All,

We are bringing back farming for another round, you can read about it here: https://criminal-warfare.com/forum/2/464

Some changes:
upgraded to a 7x7 grid, for 49 total squares.
increased the amount of seeds given for objectives as well as ones in upgraded packages.
increased the amount of price refreshes significantly, as well as the quick grows.
added plant all and harvest all buttons, these buttons will cost you credits to use though. Pay special attention to how much they cost, as the cost increases with each use and it's not linear.

Remember: the game will auto sell your plants if you do not sell them by each rollover, and you can sell to your gang mates and friend list friends.

Event will run from June 1st - June 10th, you will be able to buy stuff from the store for an additional 24 hours after the event.

Some other things to see throughout June!
- New house coming soon
- Training/EXP event to run June 8th - June 23rd
- Allow transferring of crates and crate items from main account to character account. Cannot be done from character to main.
- Allow sale of crates and crate items between main accounts.



1 Jun 2024, 12:08:22 am
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Farming can be found here: https://criminal-warfare.com/farming.php or linked on the city page.
1 Jun 2024, 1:00:22 am
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I can't seem to find all the extra seeds we had left over from last time

I'm certain I left them all sealed in ammo cans in the barn
1 Jun 2024, 1:10:22 am
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could of sworn they said those seeds would carry over lol
1 Jun 2024, 1:12:24 am
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[BSD] DILLIGAF  prestige wrote
could of sworn they said those seeds would carry over lol

you would think so with how expensive they were

it's already tough to make a living as a farmer these days

my straw hat is coming unstrewn and my overalls all have holes in them
11 Jun 2024, 5:11:05 am
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I feel like this round of farming needs some feedback and player input like the last time 👀

(Hint: that's my polite way of saying it absolutely 100% does)

So here goes... First off, let's start with the good:

- Increasing the daily objective payouts was spot on. We finally had a usable amount of quick grows and price refreshes to actually do something. If you were disciplined enough to do the daily obj every day and have half a brain, you should have gotten enough coins to buy the top ops set or the lower ops set and a million coins worth of other stuff for free which is nice. I think that's pretty solid tbh and worked out well.

Let's move on to the not so good stuff... Some might even say "the bad"...

- plant all and harvest all options added were good but, there's some big buts here. It should have been stated that they reset every day at rollover in the main post here because that makes them actually usable somewhat and not just an increasingly dead feature or something ppl were scared to use because of cost increase.

- plant all and harvest all also really need to incorporate some way of using the quick grows to harvest all the crops immediately. Not sure if this was just an oversight under a time crunch or what, but planting all is kinda worthless if you gotta click to quick grow each one individually after and do that thousands of times. Nobody got time for that. I would gladly pay creds to use it that way over and over again instead of just a couple times a day. One caveat of course is to nail that down might be a little tricky because you want to make sure you only quick grow all the good crops and not accidentally quick grow the shittier ones when clicking those buttons. So might have to have an enable and disable feature etc

- the other thing that felt kinda meh is that if you are paying creds for the plant all and harvest all options then they should give more value than the peasant farmers have. For instance, you should crop out 98 crops instead of 49 at a time or something like that to make it worthwhile. Not a total deal breaker but worth mentioning.

Moving on to the ugly... See what I did here?...

- seeds are still a major problem as was mentioned in the original round of farming. The P2W bundles really only need Coca seeds because we get thousands of the other seeds and the coin shop prices were reasonable enough to get decent stuff without a shortage of seeds. There is no way to use the extra seeds and having thousands of them is wasteful and pointless and not worth spending RL cash on. Idk if they can be repurposed somehow or traded in or what but this is a big detractor from the farming event. To clarify this part, the bundles still need the quick grows, refreshes, points etc but for seeds, they need more Coca and none or less of the other seeds is what I meant here.

- the random seed bundles are okay when you need to restock like mid event or run a little short so I wouldn't change them at all as they could still serve a purpose. Unless it was to drop the prices down a bit as they seem overpriced for the wasteful amount of extra seeds we can't use. That would be a welcomed change.

- bundles for only Coca seeds need to be added. That's pretty much what everyone is looking to buy. I suppose adding the other seeds in their own separate packs would be "fair" or seem less cash grabby but really, we only need Coca packs and Coca seeds in the big bundles and that's prolly all anyone would buy unless the other things above were buffed and more seeds made usable.

I think those were all the big points to cover. If I forgot any, then I will add them after 😝