• Cheating will not be tolerated.
  • Using any type of automated program to play the game for you will get you in trouble.
  • Having your account piloted and/or piloting someone else's account will have both accounts banned.
  • The use of plugins is strictly not allowed on Criminal Warfare.
  • If you are not sure if something is allowed or not allowed feel free to open up a support ticket and the staff will inform you at their earliest convenience.


  • Scamming other players out of donated currency/items will result in a permanent ban.
  • Scamming other players out of any other currency will result in a scammer tag which may cripple your game play.
  • Scammer tags will only be removed pending staff review and return of all scammed currency.


  • Do not advertise.
  • If talking about other games use their initials. [For instance, Criminal Warfare is (CW)]
  • No game initials allowed in usernames.
  • Using full names and posting links is a quick way to get yourself banned!
  • Do not ask for emails or any other type of communication to give out links to players.
  • If there is even the slightest hint of advertising (in or outside) of the game, you'll be banned.
  • Do not advertise trades anywhere except in the trading forums.

Verbal Abuse

  • Using serious verbal abuse towards players and/or staff is strictly forbidden.
  • Verbal abuse can include but not limited to: attacking someone's character.
  • Things to avoid include racial slurs and making fun of users based on their gender, race, sexual orientation and/or looks.
  • The definition of "verbal abuse" will further be defined by the members of staff, not the players.
  • Extreme remarks which are discriminative and malicious by nature are prohibited. What is and is not an extreme remark will be determined by Slave  prestige or HaxxBlaze  prestige and not the players. Punishment will be given out accordingly.
  • Verbal abuse towards the game will not be tolerated either. Intentionally slandering the game in-order to get people to quit can and will result in a ban. Once you are deemed to be causing more harm to the game than necessary you will be relieved of your account.

Personal Information

  • Do not give your password to anyone.
  • We suggest not giving out any personal information to anyone online, but we will not stop or punish you for doing so.
  • However, if you give away personal information about another player without their permission you will be banned. (Length will be determined on a case-by-case basis).
  • Personal Information includes name, address, pictures, etc...

Multiple Accounts

  • Contact staff if you wish to create an account for another member of your household.
  • You must notify staff if you are going to have more than 1 account on the same IP.
  • Accounts on the same IP may not exchange credits, points, cash or items.
  • Accounts on the same IP may however split donations if they message staff.

Selling Accounts & Account Swaps

  • 100% not allowed.
  • Trades including accounts for in-game or out of game currency is strictly not allowed.
  • You may also not sell any in-game currency or items for out of game currency.
  • Any and all accounts will be banned as a result of violating this rule.


  • Do not spam staff mailboxes, instead of mailing multiple staff members submit a support ticket.
  • Intentionally spamming any of the variety of communication features of the game can result in a communication ban.
  • If any staff member is harassing you, please contact Slave  prestige or HaxxBlaze  prestige.


  • Criminal Warfare is not responsible for any illegal, offending or inappropriate actions made by players inside or outside of the game, including internet and real life actions.
  • Criminal Warfare reserves the right to deny any person access to the game without a valid reason, nor does any reason have to be given to the person.
  • Criminal Warfare has no obligations towards any player.
  • Criminal Warfare can ban or delete an account when the rules are broken.
  • Criminal Warfare has the right to make decisions based on non-written rules or to change the rules in the future without notifying users.
  • Players of Criminal Warfare that donate have no extra rights and can't claim rights.
  • Criminal Warfare may not be appropriate for persons under the age of 15, by playing the game, or signing up for an account, you agree that you are over the age of 15 or otherwise have parental consent to play.
  • By creating an account, or sending in-game messages, you agree to allow Criminal Warfare access to your in-game mail, whether they notify you or not.
  • Criminal Warfare does not guarantee that you will be able to login to the game at all times or gain access to all parts of the game. Certain parts of the game may be unavailable due to browser, firewall or security settings, or other problems.
  • Criminal Warfare reserves the right to change or modify the TOS at any time without warning or notifying users. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of and in compliance with the Terms of Service at all times.

Privacy Policy

  • Every effort is made to ensure that your data is held securely, passwords and login names are encrypted and all user data is stored in a password protected database.
  • Cookies are stored, these allow the game to identify which account you are logged into, and in future, how certain elements of the game are displayed.
  • We record logins, IPs and data such as user agent (browser) of logins to identify cheaters.
  • We will send an email reminder if you have not logged in for a prolonged period of time, you may unsubscribe to these emails if you wish.
  • We are proactive in moderating links posted by users on the game, but we cannot always guarantee that every link is safe to follow.
  • Your data will not be shared with anyone other than the Admins of Criminal Warfare.