3 Apr 2022, 10:14:10 am
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Hello Criminals,

I have a little minigame to gather a few more points to use during this month's events. The name of the game is Parks, and it is a logic game.

Rules of the game are pretty simple, every color on the board is a park.
Depending on the difficulty, you have to place a certain number of trees on the board.

For example if it's an easy game, then each row, each column and each park must contain 1 tree each, and none of the trees can be touching each other.
Mediums have 2 trees in each row, column and park.
Hards have 3 trees in each row, column and park.

First click on a cell = a dot
Second click on a cell = a tree
Third click on a cell = back to an empty cell

dots don't matter, they can be used, for example: to indicate that nothing can go here. It's for you to use or not use. What matters is the trees, non-tree cells can be either empty or dots for the solution to be correct.

You can see an example board here: /parks.php

The rest of the boards you can see here: /parkscomp.php

The Criminal Warfare Team.


3 Apr 2022, 1:31:40 pm
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is this in the menu reorder section?