5 May 2022, 1:08:44 pm
Post: 22/23
Return of the Idiot

Hello friends I hope we've all been keeping well, it looks like I'm in charge of keeping you all entertained.

Let's spin off the return by a simple raffle, rules are simple there will be 75 tickets at 1000 points per ticket each player having the ability to purchase Two tickets each.

I will let the raffle run for 5 days (This will be extended if required) If there is a lack of interest by day 3(8/05/22) I will up the amount of tickets you may purchase by 1, resulting in a possible 3 tickets per player.

Check it out here!

Good luck and have fun!


5 May 2022, 1:14:55 pm
Post: 55/126
we're still not entertained...ju gonna juggle? tell jokes?
5 May 2022, 1:30:50 pm
Post: 58/85
What’s the prize?
5 May 2022, 1:32:06 pm
Post: 23/23
The points from the raffle, this raffle will have 1 winner for 75k points, In future I'll do some raffles for multiple winners, I thought I'd make it spicy for the first raffle!