19 Jan 2024, 12:00:36 am
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Hello Criminals & Future Farmers,

🌱 Introducing Our Exclusive 10-Day Extravaganza: Drug Farming! 🌱

Gear up for an exhilarating challenge! Just like our popular game board event, this new adventure requires you to tackle a series of objectives to amass an array of farming essentials. Juggle up to 6 objectives simultaneously from a pool of 36, refreshing daily! Keep the momentum going - each completed objective rewards you with Random Seeds,Coca Seeds, Quick Grow, or Price Refresh.

🌿 Seed Varieties at Your Disposal: 🌿

Poppy Seeds: Quick 30-minute growth, sell for up to 50 coins.
Tobacco Seeds: 60-minute growth, sell for up to 150 coins.
Cannabis Seeds: 120-minute growth, sell for up to 500 coins.
Coca Seeds: 300-minute growth, prime value of 1500 coins.

🚀 Accelerate Your Harvest!
Can't wait? Use a Quick Grow to instantly reap your crops!

💰 Savvy Selling Strategies: 💰

Harvested? Choose to sell solo or collaborate with friends.
Prices in your shop update hourly. Or, strategically use a Price Refresh for an immediate price update (applies to all plants).
Stay informed of your gang mates' prices without hassle.
Leverage mutual friendships for expanded sales opportunities (both parties must be friends through the relationships feature).
Remember, you're not limited to your shop alone – explore selling through others' shops too!

⚠️Important: Unsold crops at daily rollover are auto-sold in your shop at current rates. ⚠️

🏆 Earn Farming Coins and Splurge in the Store! 🏆
Post-sales, dive into our store for some tempting package deals.

🥇 Climb the Leaderboard: Show Your Farming Prowess! 🥇

Each participant earns a badge: Diamond, Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
Rank as the top farmer for the coveted Diamond badge.
Places 2nd to 3rd bag Gold; 4th to 10th snag Silver.
Participation guarantees a Bronze badge.

Embark on this thrilling journey, outsmart competitors, and emerge as the ultimate crop master! 🌟

Link Here or you can visit it on the city page.



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19 Jan 2024, 8:10:47 am
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Now gonna try and make something outta the 10k creds i used lol if i could recover half the cost il take it haha
19 Jan 2024, 8:13:11 am
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Just delete this event and bring back game boards. Was worth the creds spent and time taken to clickity clack through the entire thing
19 Jan 2024, 8:14:12 am
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i was not being rude admins i was serious on good idea just need buffs in objectives rewards everything
19 Jan 2024, 8:20:09 am
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[LO] DILLIGAF  prestige wrote
i was not being rude admins i was serious on good idea just need buffs in objectives rewards everything


I think they need to test it first themselves and everything else they think of putting out before implementing it ingame. Ive seen some bigger platforms having testing players to go through it
19 Jan 2024, 8:39:31 am
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where are the "plant all" and "harvest all" buttons??

mine seem to be missing for some reason

19 Jan 2024, 8:45:25 am
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Cos it never existed i think lOL :P
19 Jan 2024, 8:46:32 am
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Oh, they exist

They are just MIA over here
19 Jan 2024, 8:52:23 am
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[LO] Dogbert  prestige wrote
Oh, they exist

They are just MIA over here